Sano Diyo Orphanage,

Prasanna and Arpana Khaling began Sano Diyo (Little Lighthouse) in 2000. They had just graduated from Bible College and were seeking God's will for their lives. They could've done any number of things, but their lives were intersected by three little girls who ended up on their doorstep, and they saw, in these little girls, the opportunity to make a difference." What started with three girls has grown to 35. They've been saved from an unspeakable future and are now getting warm meals, the Gospel, and a life-changing education. God’s love penetrated this awful evil through the dedication and service of a young couple that has given their life to these young girls," Pray that the girls will see their true worth and purpose in Christ. These young girls who are studying in good English schools, they singing, giggling, because they have been placed in an environment where people care about them. They are loved, taught God's Word and are given hope."


For over a decade, Sano Diyo has redeemed the lives of many Nepalese girls. Now, some of the girls are graduating from universities.

In the year 2007 God showed Sano Diyo the community kids, It was not possible to bring every needy children in home so extending towards the community became a reality with seven kids and now within God’s grace and prayers it has grown to 300 kids.


--to provide warmth and love to each child in a homely environment,


--to provide English medium education till they are able to stand on their feet,


--to inculcate confidence, courage and self worth and


--to motivate them to help others who are in need.

Sano Diyo also provides financial assistance to other children who live elsewhere in the region.


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P.O.New Rangia, Bairatisal
Via NBU, Siliguri 734013
West Bengal